Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Iokwe from OK! "English powers, come to me!"


L to R: Elders Lloyd, Kilmer, and Wold

Thankfully I have remembered how to speak English. I still misspell so many words though... It takes me forever to type out a sentence. 

I also have very little time this week, but a lot of promises broken revolving around responding to personal emails, so I'm sacrificing my group email this week. I'll give you a better update next week. 

However, this is what is happening around here:

In Enid, Elder Smith and Elder Menlove are currently covering both the East and West areas waiting for their two new missionaries to come next Wednesday, at which point Elder Menlove will move to the West side with his new companion. Elder Oberender is in Ponca City for his last two weeks, trying to help out a little with the Marshallese work up there. 

I'm down in Guthrie 2nd, which is an awkwardly shaped area that covers a little bit of Edmond and all of Guthrie. We get to drive a lot in between the two cities. I'm with Elder Lloyd (he's served around me a little and was companions with Elder Smith in Ponca for a while), who is going home next Wednesday, and Elder Wold, who is a new missionary. I don't have the time to rave about them, but I will say that I really appreciate them and what great missionaries and people they are. We are having a blast.

The fun thing for us is that all of us are new to Guthrie 2nd, which means we know no one around here. We have spent the last 5 days getting to know the ward (congregation) and who they want us to work with and how we can help. It has been way effective, but also really really exhausting. We spend a lot of time planning and don't really know how to go to sleep on time. A friend just emailed me last week with this line: "I know you’ve been super busy and I hope that you have time to rest and unwind every so often."  *insert slightly crazy laugh here* Not at all! But there is nothing I would rather be doing right now. I love this work and it's making me something worth being. 

More of the same difficult personal improvements this week. No time for details, but I want to share again that it is really hard, but I know it's worth it. Little decisions today build up into a great character tomorrow.

Love you all, have a great week!

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