Monday, March 27, 2017

Iokwe from OK: Some pictures


This week is more pictures and transfer updates!

Elder Lazarus and Elder Oberender will be Marshallese speaking West
Elder Smith (Marshallese) and I will be Marshallese East
Elder Smith (Spanish) and Elder Rodier will still be Spanglish in Enid North

I am so excited! I wanted to be Elder Smith's companion ever since I met him in the MTC. Dream team is here!

1) Us walking home because our car was grounded.

2) Candid of Elder Lazarus

3) LittleRose (who moved!!!) and Sheren and a sunburned Elder Kilmer (from walking because the car was grounded.....)

4) Elder Rodier and I are both climbers, so we created our own traverse out of tables.

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