Monday, February 13, 2017

Iokwe from OK: No Longer An Infant


That's right. This week, I turn 1! I will officially hit my year mark in a couple days. Honestly, the biggest thing I have to report in that respect is that missionary work now seems like my normal life (*gasp*). I suppose it's kind of like working at the same company for a long time - you kind of find your niche. At the beginning I had to keep reminding myself that I'm a missionary and I have such and such responsibilities and I had to kick myself into gear to talk to people or whatever I was supposed to be doing. Now it just seems like second nature. Elder Kilmer is a missionary. I used to (mentally) laugh at people who felt weird when they went home from their missions, but I honestly think I may end up with problems adjusting.... *grimaces* 

In other news: Remember Patrick? The guy that we had been teaching for a long time who was just waiting for his kids to come from the Marshall Islands so he could get baptized, who then dropped off the face of the earth for months and then got found by Elder Menlove and myself during that ridiculous bike failure (that actually turned out to be a miracle) when my bike decided to destroy itself 6 miles from our house? Well. I forgot to mention recently that after going back to his house many many times, we finally caught him at a good time and had a great miracle lesson with him (this was about 3 weeks ago). We learned that his girlfriend is pregnant and the pregnancy was approaching its end, which has been keeping him occupied, along with terrible work hours. Well, despite all that and a newborn baby (as of 2 weeks ago), we managed to catch him at some good times and he told us that they want to get married as soon as possible and that his kids should be coming at the end of this month (probably), and that as soon as they do, he wants to be baptized!

So, I'm typing all of this in a suit because WE ARE ATTENDING HIS MARRIAGE TODAY! We're so excited. I'll send pictures next week.

This is a huge miracle because it's pretty much a direct response to the sad news I related last week about Rose moving. It's a good example of God taking care of His children. Patrick was lost for a while, but a loving Heavenly Father helped him to find the Elders again and he is back on the right track. It's a hopeful sign for me that He will take care of Rose too. 

This transfer, Elder Nicholas and I are focusing on the concept of "kaizen". It's a Japanese word, which represents the concept of continuous, incremental progress. Or, in other words: slow, but constant improvement. Basically, we are looking to take baby steps to better versions of ourselves and living better lives. We're really excited to see the progress that we make as we pick little things to improve on every week.

That's all I've got this week. I'm really happy to be out here. Life is great. Have a great week!


Elder Josh Kilmer
Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Mission
不動心 Fudoshin:  immovable mind

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