Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 11: A short message and photos!

Tomorrow Josh will be out for 11 weeks.  It's hard to believe how quickly the time is flying.

This last week the only email Josh sent was to the family.  He didn’t get a chance to send a general message to everyone, but we did get some photos, and a couple of videos.  I wanted to share one excerpt from his family letter with everyone that shows the essence of why young men like him go on a mission:

“I really feel like I’m growing a lot.  I’m recognizing my weaknesses and my heart has been softened in places I didn’t realize were hard.  I wanted to improve and become better, but I was unwilling to change and it was all about me.  I’m starting to realize that humility is the next attribute after determination.  I am already so happy that I came out here.  Looking back, I realize that I really came out here to meet expectations.  But now, I wouldn’t trade being out here, even just my MTC experience, for anything.”

Josh’s current favorite joke:
“Ask me if I’m a tree.”
“Are you a tree?”
(It must sound better in Marshallese)

Looking forward to (hopefully) an email this week and a call on Sunday.  Josh gets to Skype with us twice per year: Christmas and Mother’s Day.  (Happy Mother’s Day everyone)

An MTC photo.  His companion, Elder Hirinuki is to his right.

Elder Kilmer with his first two companions in the field, Elder Nicholas and Elder Bills--that is quite a range in height (Josh is 6'1")

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